Personalised videos are the tool you need to achieve your marketing goals. Personalised video fits into a broader trend of personal communication and has proved to be effective. Here are some of the application areas.

Sales & Lead Generation videos

PersonalVideo is the ideal way to communicate genuinely with the target group. Packaged in an appealing story in the right form, you enter into the world of the target group. You can thus draw attention to tailor-made offers based on the CRM profile and focus directly on sales & lead generation via the interactive elements in the video player.

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Marketing & Communication

Personalised videos are the way to clearly explain complicated invoices. Thus organisations can reduce customer-care costs and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, you can visually advise customers about alternative products or services (cross-selling).

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Loyalty & Retention

Personalised videos are ideal for personally addressing your target group. For example, you can congratulate your customers and prospects on their birthdays in a personal and distinctive manner. In this video, texts, audio and even entire scenes can be personalised.

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Customer Service & Support

Having just signed a new contract, a customer may find the financial consequences or general terms and conditions difficult to understand. At the same time, many customers aren’t prepared to take the time to do so. If they are, and they still don’t understand them, they contact expensive call centres. PersonalVideo animations are the best way to explain complex information.

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