Personalised videos have been proved to be more effective than standard videos.
But which parts can be personalised?

Text personalisation

The texts which appear in view are personalised. These might include names and addresses, or perhaps agreed prices or payable amounts. The texts can also be animated in 2D or 3D.

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Audio personalisation

In audio personalisation, personal data are spoken by the voice-over, for example a first name or surname, or even payment amounts. The different forms of personalisation can be combined in your video. Research has shown that increased, but not over-exaggerated, personalisation produces better results.

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Scene personalisation

In scene personalisation, the story line of the video is adapted to the viewer’s profile. For example, you can take the age or sex of the viewer into account. Through scene personalisation, the video can reflect the viewer’s profile even better.

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By including interaction in the video, you increase conversion by strengthening the call-to-action. The viewer can thus respond directly in the video to your call or proposal.

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